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CRS and INNOVA Announce Partnership

Jun 21, 2021

Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS) announces their partnership with premier provider of disc golf discs, targets, and accessories, INNOVA®. Disc golf is now booming in popularity with the general public as it offers a safe, fun, and affordable outdoor activity that anyone can play. With the partnership of CRS and INNOVA, organizations now have a full-service recreation provider that they can turn to for the design, equipment, amenities, and installation of high-quality disc golf courses.

The addition of a disc golf course can provide a new amenity for community parks, increase revenue at campgrounds and attractions, add a new programming activity for camps, and offer a new activity for schools. INNOVA’s Aceplace™ short disc golf course program provides an economical, all-inclusive package that gives new players, kids, and families an opportunity to learn the game on a par 3 course where a hole in one – or “ace” – is possible on any hole.

“Partnering with CRS will help us continue to realize INNOVA’s vision of growing the game and making disc golf more accessible to all, so more people can discover the game for the first time at any age,” says Harold Duvall, Co-Founder of INNOVA.

“The INNOVA-CRS partnership revolutionizes the method in which quality-designed and implemented disc golf courses are brought to the camp and campground markets in the United States. Never before has it been as easy as it will be now for kids and families to enjoy this wonderful game. Our knowledge and experience serving the recreation market combined with INNOVA’s disc golf expertise and superior products lines allows CRS to uniquely serve our clients with courses tailored to their vision, property, and budget,” says Ryan Hartberg, Vice President of Business Development. “The benefits of disc golf are multi-fold. Not only does disc golf offer fun, challenge, and memorable experiences, but a well-designed course provides lasting value by encouraging players to return again and again, as well as preserving the natural landscape,” he adds.

The investment in disc golf offers many benefits:

  • Safe – conducive to social distancing; utilizes individual equipment.
  • Social – fun way to spend time with friends and family.
  • Inclusive – easy to learn and play for all ages & abilities.
  • Economical – affordable to play, inexpensive to install, and easy to maintain.
  • Profitable – utilize underused land; attract more visitors; amenable to pay-for-play models.
  • Environmental – highlight the natural features of the land; low impact to environment (no chemicals).
  • Healthy – fresh air and low-impact exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

CRS designs and build courses that range in size from small, par-3 to full length 9, 18- or 27-hole championship levels customized to their clients’ needs and venue. Their services also include site visits, tees, targets, customized signage, amenity procurement, as well as land and tree clearing and installation.

About Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS)
CRS is headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, with representatives in New Jersey, Minnesota, and Nebraska. It serves customers throughout the United States and the Caribbean. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience, CRS not only supplies the highest quality equipment, it also offers design, planning, installation and operations services. The company provides careful analysis of each client’s facility and business goals to achieve the best recreation solution possible. CRS delivers unparalleled industry knowledge and proven success in the commercial recreation market with clients including municipalities, schools, YMCAs, athletic facilities, sports venues, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, campgrounds, resorts, summer camps, zoos and other recreation venues. For more information, call 877-896-8442 or visit their website at

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