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Crappie USA Provides Sneak Peek at 2022 Events

Nov 18, 2021

The Winter Series Brochure just published. It will also be available online at by clicking on "Tournaments" then the event you are interested in checking out.

In the Brochure you will find a full list of our national sponsors on page 9, please remember that these companies help make your events possible and give them the first chance to fill your purchasing needs. Also, on page 33 you will find a list of our newest sponsors that you may not be aware of, they all just came aboard with us this year.

Some of the biggest changes are:

*    Change in seminar time from 7PM to 6PM at each event. Late registration still starts at 5PM

*    Each boat in event will need to be marked with a furnished orange ribbon in the front eye to distinguish a competitor boat.

*    Competitor boats must stay 150 feet apart while fishing.

*    All one day events beginning December 1st 2021 will boast a 100% payback.

*    Super events payback will be guaranteed $15,000, Mega Bucks guaranteed at $20,000 and winter championship at $15,000

*    Team photos will be taken at the Lake Hartwell Classic on Thursday afternoon at registration, bring your best smile.

*    The fall event on Patoka Lake Indiana this weekend will have a $500 lodging bonus if you are staying in DuBois County IN.

Most of the above changes came as a result of a lot of hard work by our Angler Advisory Board. They have fielded all your questions and concerns all season and made us aware of your thoughts and suggestions. We are so thankful to them for working to make Crappie USA bigger and better. Please tell these guys thank you when you see them. They are Robert Massey, Steve Jeffers, Tracy Davis and Weylin Shanks...

Be sure and get entered for the Lake Hartwell if you are qualified to fish it and help us celebrate our 25th year anniversary.

To view the Winter Series Schedule copy and paste the link below into your browser!!!!!


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