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Bajío Sunglasses Partners with the Association of Collegiate Anglers and Collegiate Bass Fishing Series

Nov 14, 2022

The Association of Collegiate Anglers is excited to announce a partnership with Bajío Sunglasses. Bajío offers an extensive lineup of premium sunglasses designed for anglers and those who spend long days out on the water. As part of this partnership, Bajío will offer a discount program for anglers, activate on-site at events, products will be featured in prize payouts, and much more.


“We are extremely excited to announce this partnership with Bajío Sunglasses,” said Kyle Curry, ACA Managing Director. “Bajío makes a phenomenal product that anglers will greatly enjoy wearing and using out on the water. From the discount program to on-site activation, along with the core principles and purpose of Bajío…this partnership is one that we are looking forward to this upcoming season!”


Bajío is Spanish for the shallows—that special part of the ocean which lies between the dry land and the deep blue. It’s the connection zone, teeming with life. The ocean’s nursery, where countless sea creatures are born and raised. This is the world in which we live and strive to protect—it’s our passion and our namesake.


Located in Florida, Bajío is an independent sunglass brand motivated by a profound connection to the water and a drive to inspire positive change. Through radically clear lenses and plant-based frames you can join their vision to harness the power of purpose. Grab a pair to see the world (and more fish) in a new light.


“This partnership with the Association of Collegiate Anglers is great for Bajío Sunglasses due to all of the unique opportunities the ACA provides to college anglers. I believe it allows so many anglers to gather together and form relationships that will carry through the years,” said Melinda Hays with Bajío Sunglasses. “Our glasses are made by anglers for anglers, with conservation and youth programs being the core of who we are. We believe in not only enhancing anglers’ opportunities on the water, but helping make a positive impact in the communities we are involved in.” 


Through this partnership, college anglers will be able to purchase Bajío Sunglasses at a discounted price. College anglers will be eligible to apply for a 50% discount on products. More details about applying for the discount program will be released soon. Bajío representatives were also be on-site at each of the two ACA tournaments this fall to provide event participants with discount cards.


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