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Yuba to Kick Off 20-City E-Bike Tour Saturday

Jan 16, 2015

Yuba Bicycles will embark on a 20-city, three-week electric cargo bike demo tour this Saturday (Jan. 17) in a bid to plug into growing public interest in electric bikes. This first leg of the yearlong “Power Up” tour will visit Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta and many more cities between.

“There is a growing interest in electric bikes in America, but people don’t have many opportunities to test them. The Power Up Tour is aimed at giving consumers the opportunity to ride our eBikes and learn for themselves what all the hype is about,” said Ben Sarrazin, founder of Yuba Bicycles.

Yuba will have elBodaBoda and elMundo electric cargo bikes available for test rides. The goal is to give parents, small business owners and others the chance to test an eBike in their community so they can understand how these car-replacing bicycles can improve their lifestyle.
“There is a revolution in bicycles taking place in America and Yuba is helping to drive that change,” Sarrazin said.

Yuba will appear at multiple events and festivals as well as in-store and evening demo rides with Yuba dealers in cities from California to Florida. Events include Kiddical Mass rides in Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta and Miami. A strong supporter of local bike advocacy organizations, Yuba will also attend events with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition and the South Florida Bike Coalition, and join a Save Haiti fundraiser ride in Miami as well as the annual Blinkie Awards in Atlanta.

Bike shops on the tour include: Electric Bikes LA and Electric Cyclery in Laguna Beach, Calif., two shops that deal exclusively in eBikes. “It is incredible to see the number of new bike shops opening that are focused solely on electric bikes,” said Steve Bode, Yuba's director of outreach.

The tour begins Saturday in San Luis Obispo at Cambria Bicycle Outfitters. Other cities on the tour include: Tucson, Ariz.; San Antonio and Dallas, Texas; Pensacola, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Naples, Miami and Jacksonville, Fla.; Savannah Ga.; Memphis, Tenn.; and Little Rock, Ark.

In addition to its electric bikes, Yuba will also have its Flip Flop children’s balance bike and tjhe Boda Boda and Mundo pedal powered bikes available for test rides. “Parents can take a spin while their toddlers roll around the parking lot on a Flip Flop,” Bode said.

The second leg of the Power Up Tour will embark in April after the Sea Otter festival.

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