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Reno, Nevada, to be Site of Debut for USBC Mixed in 2015

Feb 17, 2014

The United States Bowling Congress has provided competitive bowlers with more than 100 years of national tournaments in unique venues, and the organization will build on that tradition with the introduction of the USBC Mixed in 2015.

The new USBC national tournament will debut alongside the 2015 USBC Women's Championships at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., and will include a variety of average-based divisions to attract bowlers of all ages and abilities.

The Mixed, which will run from April 10 through June 30, 2015, will feature four-player mixed teams, mixed doubles and open singles competition. Just like the Women's Championships, bowlers will be divided into four team and six doubles/singles divisions that will have them competing only against bowlers of similar skill levels.

The event was designed with the understanding that packing up your bowling equipment and flying across the country to compete in a national tournament against tens of thousands of bowlers can be intimidating for any USBC member, so there is a greater emphasis on fun.

As a competitive stepping stone for USBC members, The Mixed will give bowlers a chance to enjoy the experience of traveling to compete and get a taste of competition on the national stage, but with convenient squad times, low entry fees and a friendly, laid-back environment.

"We've created The Mixed as a way to reach a different segment of our membership and get more bowlers interested in tournament competition," said Brian Lewis, USBC Managing Director of Tournaments. "They'll be able to visit exciting cities, enjoy our great venues, and, of course, win a little prize money. It has been a long time since we've had a true mixed event, and we're looking forward to adding to our diverse menu of events."

The Mixed will entice couples to travel and bowl together as well as give the men who accompany Women's Championships participants to town a chance to compete and maybe earn some prize money of their own.

Women's Championships bowlers will have the opportunity to compete in both great national tournaments for the price of one trip, while newcomers and Open Championships regulars can experience additional cities and custom tournament venues.

Competitors at The Mixed will bowl three games in each event - team, doubles and singles. The cost will be $44 per event, consistent with the Women's Championships price structure, but there will not be an all-events option at The Mixed.

Team events at The Mixed will share the lanes with the Women's Championships during its 7 p.m. time slot on select days, allowing newcomers to also share in the squad room and march out experience. Doubles and singles competition at The Mixed will be held on segregated lanes.

Bowlers may bowl in the team event twice, provided that no more than two players are the same. Re-entry also may be allowed in mixed doubles and open singles.

Advance entries for the team event at The Mixed will be accepted online beginning June 3, 2014, and captains will be contacted via phone or email to schedule doubles and singles. On-site entries also will be accepted based on availability.

The Mixed will accompany the Women's Championships to Las Vegas in 2016 as the first major USBC events to be held in the new 60-lane bowling arena at South Point Hotel and Casino, which is under construction. With the Open Championships headed there for the first time in 2017, The Mixed would provide male competitors with a sneak peek of the new facility, potentially on their way home from the 2016 Open Championships in Reno.

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