RightEye LLC Partners with USA Baseball

3 Sep, 2019

RightEye LLC, an award-winning health technology company using eye tracking to improve vision performance, announced that it is working with USA Baseball for the third consecutive year to provide baseline sports vision assessment to all athletes entering the Prospect Development Pipeline (PDP), a collaboration between USA Baseball and Major League Baseball (MLB). For the first time, RightEye will also recommend local optometrists who can help athletes correct functional vision issues and improve performance on the field.

“The PDP is all about helping elite amateur athletes achieve their maximum potential, and sports vision and functional vision are areas of growing importance for our game,” said Rick Riccobono, Chief Development Officer of USA Baseball. “RightEye has already provided us with an innovative foundation for objectively measuring and assessing the sports vision performance of our athletes. This year, we aim to continue to improve our collaboration by delivering additional developmental opportunities to our athletes.”

At 34 Prospect Development Pipeline events taking place across the country, prospective collegiate and professional baseball players will be screened with RightEye Sports Vision and Functional Vision EyeQ™, a set of objective eye-tracking tests that quickly and easily measure and analyze eye movement, brain processing and reaction time, and compare their vision scores to those of peers, amateurs and pro athletes. RightEye EyeQ provides insight into an athlete’s visual and eye processing strengths and areas that can be improved upon in order to reach maximum performance levels.

“RightEye is on a mission to become the gold standard for sports vision testing from youth leagues to the big leagues, and as such we’re creating an ecosystem that makes sports vision testing and training a viable component of any optometric practice,” said Adam Gross, co-founder and CEO of RightEye. “By working with organizations like USA Baseball and Major League Baseball, we’re generating demand for sports vision testing and training. RightEye is working with optometrists around the country to make sports vision and functional vision testing and training accessible to everyone.”

A New Focus on Functional Vision

In addition to sports vision, any issues found with an athlete’s functional vision, including eye alignment and teaming, object tracking, depth perception and dynamic visual acuity, will be identified. RightEye will be recommending athletes to local optometrists in their region who can provide customized vision training programs designed to improve their functional vision, in addition to sports performance.

Functional vision is how well the eyes and brain work together to process what is seen. Problems with functional vision often get miscategorized as other types of ailments such as ADHD and learning disabilities. This is because they share similar symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating, short attention span and poor reading comprehension.

“There is no other system that allows practitioners to accurately and objectively evaluate ocular movements. I use it in all my evaluations now, which allows me to qualify and quantify deficits in eye tracking and then develop programs to address them,” said Fred Edmunds, OD, President and Chief Medical Officer of XTREMESIGHT Performance and a long-time visual performance consultant to a Major League Baseball team.


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