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Sport Climbing Federation Pitches Inclusion in 2020 Summer Olympics

Aug 19, 2015

The International Federation of Sport Climbing was one of eight sports organizations to propose its sport be added to the 2020 Summer Olympics during a meeting in Tokyo, August 7-8.

The Sport Climbing Delegation was composed of 7 members from the JMA (Japanese Mountaineering Association) and the IFSC (International Federation of Sport Climbing). The Delegation made a 15-minute presentation to the Tokyo's 2020 Additional Events Program Panel followed by a 30-minute question and answer session, with a 50-minute Q+A session planned on the following day.

The IFSC - JMA Delegation was composed of:

  • Marco Maria Scolaris (ITA) - IFSC President

  • Debra Gawrych (USA) - IFSC Secretary General Akiyo Noguchi (JPN) - IFSC Athletes' Commission Ogata Yoshio (JPN) - JMA Vice President

  • Yuji Hirayama (JPN) - JMA Sport Climbing Committee Kobinata Toru (JPN) - IFSC Asian Council Vice President

  • Jerome Meyer (FRA) - IFSC Sport Manager

"We were very honored to present our sport. The vision of sport climbing is higher, faster and stronger with a fresh youth-oriented approach. Climbing brings a new vertical dimension to the Olympic Games and is the only basic human movement not yet included. Venues are impressive and provide a powerful show", said Scolaris.

"We highly appreciated the hospitality and professionalism of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee,” IFSC Sport Manager Jerome Meyer emphasized. “Sport Climbing has many assets. Rules are simple-- get to the top. Venues are low cost and flexible, costing approximately $250,000 and can be indoors, outdoors or share space. In 2013 we counted 25 million climbers. In 2015 new estimates are 35 million, and 50 percent of our climbers are under 25 years of age, thanks to the latest trend of urban/action sports."

Other federations seeking inclusion in the Tokyo games include: World Baseball Softball Confederation, World Bowling, World Karate Federation, International Roller Sports Federation, World Squash Federation, International Surfing Association and the Internatinal Wushu Federation.

In September, the decision on the events(s) will be proposed to the IOC by the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee. Then at the 129th IOC Session in August of 2016, the final decision will be made.

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