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Gwinnett County Stages ‘Jailbreak’ on June 22

Jun 04, 2013
Obstacle Race Will Involve 2.3-Mile Run, Teams of Four

The Gwinnett County Jailbreak Challenge will be held on June 22. This 2.3-mile race is filled with obstacles surrounding the Gwinnett County Jail.  Teams of four will take on grueling obstacles with three chances to complete each one

Battle your way through our "Inmate Escape Route" around the Gwinnett County jail and Obstacle Course.  Open Competitors will have 3 attempts to complete each obstacle, and may receive assistance.  Team Division will compete in teams of 4.  Assistance allowed, team members must finish together.  This is a 2.3 mile cross country run loaded with obstacles and a few surprises.  Be sure to keep your eyes open for escaping inmates, because there will be special prizes for "catching" one.  if you make it through the run, we hope you have enough strength left to attack our military-style obstacle course.  The course is filled with challenges that will test every muscle in your body.

Sound fun? Check out the calendar for more information!

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