September/October 2013 | Sports Destination Management

September/October 2013


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September/October 2013

Athletes are, by nature, creatures of habit. We like to work out certain ways, at certain times, in certain places. We have pre-competition routines we like to follow in order to reach what we feel will be the best possible outcome. And we like to play in the same locations, in and on facilities where we feel comfortable.

So what happens when we move outside our comfort zone? What happens when we try another sport, another technique, another location? Many times, we have the initial knee-jerk reaction of not liking something. But over time, something better can take place. We can discover that a new workout, a new perspective, a new sport, even a new place, can reinvigorate us. We can actually enjoy and appreciate the different experience, and when we come back to what we know and love, we’re better at it.

This issue is all about trying new things. We have a discussion of new trends in safety and security measures to keep your event running smoothly. You can also learn new techniques for negotiating and cultivating long-term contracts. We have cutting-edge facilities for softball and a review of the newest initiatives and programs in cycling and in water sports. And if you’ve never thought about the Southwest and Pacific as sports destinations, well, we’re glad to introduce you to those as well.

In short, there’s plenty to be learned by thinking outside your typical playing field, and this issue is here to help you explore it.