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May/June 2014


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May/June 2014

Sports event planners, don’t lose another minute—find out in this May-June 2014 issue of Sports Destination Management how to stay ahead of the curve and on top of developing trends, like events for senior athletes. Our in-depth coverage of the best practices to make events successful for senior athletes will put you on top of your game—and help you help them to be the best they can be, too.

Not sure what it takes to be eco-friendly? Find out in our article on sustainable sports events. You will come away with the best tips for planning, marketing and even making key partnerships that will enhance your event at every turn – and even inspire others to follow suit.

 Triathlon is one event experiencing explosive growth, thanks to three key initiatives at the national level. Learn what those are and how they can be implemented at your next event in the article, “Triathlon and Beyond: New Trends in Multisport.”

The spring sports season has officially kicked off. Make the most of it with the outstanding industry insights you’ll find in the pages ahead.

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Why is soccer growing beyond all expectations and how can your event tap into that? Find out in the pages ahead. more....