March/April 2014 | Sports Destination Management

March/April 2014


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Sometimes, when we’re surrounded by top-notch sports complexes, we forget that many kids get their first introduction to sports – and the great outdoors in general – at their local parks. The facilities are free and they’re a great place for kids to unplug from the computer and connect with their friends.

This issue gives us a great look at some fascinating facilities and in fact, some are based in city-owned and operated parks. We have a wealth of information in this issue, including articles on insurance, hotel selection, medical support at sports events, and how to effectively plan an event for athletes with mobility limitations. Don’t miss our feature on the mountain region of the U.S. either – it’s a lot more than skiing and hiking destinations.

We’ll look at baseball facilities around the U.S. and get some insights into what goes into a successful swimming and diving event. We’ll also find out what is going on in the golf industry – as the Summer Olympics creep ever closer, what is this sport doing to bring in new players and rejuvenate its image? In addition, there are great features on various destinations and businesses. It’s all inside these pages, so enjoy – and learn.

In this issue

Everybody Into the Pool

BY: Michael Popke

As aquatic sports gain popularity, the desire for natatoriums to host an increasing number of regional and national events is greater than ever. more....