July/August 2014 | Sports Destination Management

July/August 2014


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July/August 2014

Want to stay ahead and not just keep up? Want to work smarter, not just harder? The July/August issue of Sports Destination Management can help you achieve those goals. We have information on the best destinations for lacrosse, new trends in the running world and proven strategies for winning with wrestling, boxing and martial arts events. Get the facts on MRSA and learn to harness the power of stay-to-play policies to capture your best returns yet. This issue brings together some new sports (pickleball), provides updates on the powerhouse sports of cheer and dance, and teaches you to tap into resources your CVB can provide to help raise your event’s media profile. Learn everything you need to know, starting here and now.

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Maximizing Media Relations Through Your Local CVB

BY: Mike Guswiler

Ensure marketing success, even with sports events held outside your home turf, by harnessing the power of the local CVB or sports commission. more....