January/February 2014 | Sports Destination Management

January/February 2014


Sports Destination Management Magazine


The post-holiday winter doldrums might not get people fired up about sports – until you think about how much is waiting for us. As the Olympics in Sochi take over our TVs, America will be enjoying anything and everything taking place on ice and snow.  It’s hard not to catch that Winter Olympic fever, no matter how sunny your home state. What we need to get just as motivated for, however, is what immediately follows: The Paralympic Winter Games, showcasing the achievements of athletes with impairments. Each time, those Games reignite the competitive fire in a sector of the population that was once discounted as having sports potential.  What we need to ask ourselves, however, is what we’re doing in our communities to offer and promote sports for athletes with special challenges – and how to make our events truly welcoming. (Think about it; it would be a great New Year’s resolution.)

Winter doesn’t have to be dark and cold. When we look at it in the right light, it is filled with excellent sports opportunities – for everyone. And that means everyone.