September/October 2020 | Sports Destination Management

September/October 2020


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September/October 2020

If we have learned anything over the past few months, it’s that we’re never alone. Even at a time when all the things we normally anticipate each fall, like local 5Ks, city marathons, high school sports and the sprint toward the World Series, have been knocked out of kilter, we still have each other – our colleagues in this industry, who are sharing their knowledge. And this issue is a great example. There are peer-written articles on risk management, security, transportation and business development, some of the most timely and relevant topics around. We are stronger together than we ever could be independently. Let us continue to lean on and learn from one another, as we move toward a brighter future.

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Softball Facilities: Hitting it Out of the Park

BY: Peter Francesconi

As softball prepares to make its triumphant return to the Olympics, organizers are looking forward to resuming their tournaments. The sport remains strong, with excellent participation numbers. Whether fast-pitch or slow-pitch, softball tournament organizers want the best facilities for their events. Here are some of the top venues from around the U.S. more....