September/October 2015 | Sports Destination Management

September/October 2015


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September/October 2015

The calendar is turning, and sports are moving along. It’s time to start planning the next season’s softball tournaments and travels, so don’t miss this issue’s roundup of some of the best diamonds in the country. The Summer Olympics in Rio will bring extra attention to water sports and to gymnastics – something else covered in these pages. You can learn about negotiating with venues, working with sports commissions and CVBs, event security and the newest trends in team travel. There are great articles on facilities in the Southwest and Pacific , and on some of the most outstanding facilities across the U.S.  A new season of sports starts here and now. Turn the page and get a sneak peek.

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Team Travel Options: Transportation

BY: Allan Judah

Getting from Point A to Point B is a lot more complex than it used to be. When should you use a bus? How convenient are charter flights? Can you buy airline tickets for your team in advance – and still make changes? Alan Judah explains the intricacies of team travel and how the answers can vary, depending upon your needs, budget and more. more....