September/October 2009 | Sports Destination Management

September/October 2009


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September/October 2009

There is an old saying that things and events happen in threes. Be they births, deaths or other random events, the theory is that if one happens it will be followed by two more. I don't necessarily subscribe to this theory of threes, but I have noticed that events in my life tend to happen in bunches - so much so, that I find it hard to write-off as coincidence. Such is the case with the development of this issue.

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Evaluating Economic Impact

BY: Chris Huot

As an event planner you are always looking to get the most benefits for your athletes, spectators and organization. This includes receiving subsidies from the host city in return for your event to be held in a specific city or venue. This financial assistance directly impacts your participants and spectators by reducing registration, venue rental or ticket costs. more....