November/December 2019 | Sports Destination Management

November/December 2019


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November/December 2019

Sports have come a long way since the ancient Greeks wrestled and raced their way to glory. We’ve seen the evolution of new disciplines among old, familiar sports (beach volleyball and synchronized swimming, for example) – and we’ve also seen the emergence of entirely new sports. From drone racing to esports to competitive marching band, we are constantly redefining sports and to finding new ways to host them. In this, our awards issue, we see both new and familiar sports, and we honor all of them. It’s because of everyone that our industry is so strong, so vibrant and so varied.

In this issue

Housing Bureaus: The Rule Rather than the Exception

BY: Nic Collins

Times were, event owners did it all, including hotel negotiations, arranging for room blocks, checking rooming lists and trying to do the work of running tournaments. Throw in a stay-to-play arrangement and hours mushroomed. Now, there are housing bureaus. Here’s how – and why – to work with one. more....