May/June 2023 | Sports Destination Management

May/June 2023


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There are many great things to see when studying the sports business industry: Emerging trends, the creation of an alternative accommodations market, new sports and plenty more. But the one thing that never changes is that it is an industry of stories. This issue celebrates those stories, whether it’s successful facilities, innovative marketing campaigns, boosting economic impact or even collaborating with competitors. We invite you to sit back and enjoy these success stories and even to get some new ideas as you write your own.

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Want to Win Business? Set Aside Competition

BY: Mike Guswiler

In the world of sports, competition is expected. It’s the same in the business of sports tourism. Destination Marketing Organizations regularly compete against each other to host youth and amateur sporting events. What if, however, you instead viewed your neighboring cities not as competition but as a competitive asset? Here’s a case study. more....