May/June 2022 | Sports Destination Management

May/June 2022


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May/June 2022 Issue - Track & Field

Did you know that most of our content – ideas for articles on trending sports, industry issues and big news – comes from our readers? We keep a careful eye on the press releases we receive concerning the goings-on in our industry. In other words, we have you to thank for keeping us informed. This issue, for example, has information on hybrid events, the return of senior sports and the growth of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association. We also cover destinations for fishing, track & field and baseball. Keep the good news coming and make sure we’re on your radar too.

In this issue

Growing the Sport of Triathlon

BY: Stephen Meyers

While 2021 saw a welcome return to racing, 2022 brings further momentum in the growth of the sport of triathlon across the U.S. In addition to investing in race opportunities and access for youth athletes, USA Triathlon saw women’s college triathlon reach a major milestone on its journey to becoming a championship sport. The future is bright. more....