May/June 2020 | Sports Destination Management

May/June 2020


Sports Destination Management Magazine


COVID-19 might be the most formidable opponent the sports tourism industry has ever faced. In an instant, we have learned that our so-called “recession-proof” industry…wasn’t. But our industry is nothing if not nimble and adaptable. And everything in this issue is proof of that fact. From industry writers who speak about new ways of doing business, to sports venues that will be there when we return to play, this issue has what we need. It also has something we can’t sell and can’t buy but can only find in one another: hope. As we head into the summer’s warmth, we want it to bring hope to you as well.

In this issue

On the Coast and in the Game

BY: Cindy Cantrell

The Mid-Atlantic region is a melting pot of large cities, rich history, diverse cultures, bustling seaside boardwalks, rolling countryside and unspoiled wilderness. Athletes who come for the sports will stay for a myriad of family-friendly attractions, bringing cosmopolitan appeal along with some of the coast’s most spectacular sights. more....