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May/June 2009


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May/June 2009

It seems that every four years an athlete comes along and enthralls the country with his or her Olympic run to glory. From Bruce Jenner, to Dorothy Hamill, Carl Lewis and Dan Jansen, each has captivated the country with their accomplishments. Ancillary to these successes is the awareness generated by these athletes for the sport.

Prior to his recent indiscretions, Michaels Phelps helped bring swimming into the homes of millions this past summer, and subsequently raised the profile of the sport. In this issue we take an in-depth look at the popular sports of swimming and diving, the venues they use (Championship Management Feature), and how to choose the right facility based on specific needs (Site Selection).

Of particular interest to everyone should be the article focusing on crises management entitled "Think the Unthinkable". In it, Amy Henderson cites clear examples of problems at events, how organizers reacted, and what steps can be taken to mitigate problems in the future.

In this issue

Pool Facilities: What's Going on Below the Surface?

BY: Mary Helen Sprecher

What do pool sports and site selection have in common? There's a lot going on below the surface, and what looks effortless is not. Finding the right venue to host a competition starts with an understanding of the sport itself. Yes, swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming are all held in pools, but that's all they have in common. more....