March/April 2021 | Sports Destination Management

March/April 2021


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March/April 2021

In this issue, we look at golf, swimming and diving, which, along with our other featured sport, soccer, are all showcased in the Summer Olympics. This year, the Olympics will see some new sports: karate, surfing, climbing and skateboarding. And in 2024, we’ll have breakdancing. Sports will continue to evolve and change. This issue helps us move with those changes, with some great articles by incredibly knowledgeable members of our industry. As move into spring, let’s commit to learning, to growing and to helping our industry evolve. If we can do that, everyone wins.

In this issue

Crafting a Proposal that Gets Business

BY: Tammy Dunn

Over the last year, many destinations and event rights holders may have been establishing new strategies for staying relevant and new ways to host sporting events. As we continue to navigate our way back, we are looking at things through a different lens in order to win the business that comes our way. Or are we? Learn some new strategies here. more....

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