March/April 2019 | Sports Destination Management

March/April 2019


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March/April 2019

This issue is a testament to our readers’ knowledge. Many articles here, on topics such as choosing a photographer, planning for medical support and the benefits of hosting events at off-peak and off-season times, were written on a volunteer basis. They contain great insights and we hope you benefit from them. Also in this issue, you’ll find features on golf, soccer, swimming and diving, as well as sport climbing and disc golf. There’s also an excellent “who’s who” feature on our industry. We’re headed into spring and into a new season of sports. This issue provides a great head start. Enjoy!

In this issue

Medical Preparedness: It All Starts with a Plan

BY: Carissa Colangelo MS, ATC/LAT, PTA, CSCS

As sports participation, particularly at the youth level, grows, so does the potential for injuries and mishaps. It’s imperative to have a plan in place that can help guide you through any problems and keep you in contact with the right professionals. Start here and make the best plan for your event. more....

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