March/April 2012 | Sports Destination Management

March/April 2012


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March/April 2012

As more and more individuals with mobility limitations take advantage of the recreation options available to them, the need to keep to have open, accessible events will keep on growing. Making your event not just friendly but downright welcoming to athletes and spectators with mobility limitations can mean an athlete not only returns next time, but brings family and friends. This issue's feature will provide some inside information from an industry expert who knows how to make that happen.


This issue is filled with good information all around -- ideas for great destinations in mountainous regions, lodging options, facts about facilities for golf, baseball and swimming and diving, how to work effectively with a sports commission or CVB and more. Our Executive Insights features the sport of racquetball and the way its governing body seeks out tournament venues.


Don't miss our features on two more essential topics: medical support and insurance for sporting events. You might not want to think about needing them (who does?) but if you do wind up needing them, you'll also get some valuable new experience -- even though you didn't want it in the first place.

In this issue

Swimming and Diving: The Meaning of Speed

BY: Juli Anne Patty

You hear it a lot: “one of the fastest pools in the country.” But what does it mean? What makes a pool 'fast' and, when planning a sports event, how important is 'fast water' anyway? more....