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March/April 2011


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March/April 2011

As a member of the media, I'm aware of the critical impact newspapers, TV, Internet and more can have on events. As a former event planner, I've been on the good (and frankly, the not-so-good) side of media representatives. And as Sports Destination Management’s new managing editor, I’m looking forward to furthering the interests of our readers.

Although this is my first issue as editor of the magazine, I have been involved for three years now as a staff writer, covering site selection and facility issues. I look forward to the future, which I know will bring in-depth involvement with all aspects of the publication. As I look through this issue, I’m struck by the excellent content, including Lorena Hatfield's article on event insurance. Another great piece, and very timely, is Bruce Knittle's coverage of sports camps. Our focus for the issue is on cycling, swimming and baseball, summer sports that campers and others will be enjoying during the warm months ahead. You can also learn a great deal from Chris Huot's insights into what to expect when working with CVBs (Convention and Visitor Bureaus) and Sports Commissions. Finally, we take an in-depth look at speedways, focusing on their unique attributes for hosting events, some of which might surprise you. Welcome to our new issue, and to what I believe will be the beginning of good things.

Mary Helen Sprecher
Managing Editor

In this issue

What to Expect When Working with CVBs (& Sports Commissions)

BY: Chris Huot

We depend on doctors to keep us healthy. We depend on dentists to keep our smile looking nice. But who do event organizers and associations turn to when they need assistance in planning a tournament or event? The answer is simple and in many cases overlooked - the host city Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). more....