July/August 2021 | Sports Destination Management

July/August 2021


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July/August 2021

How did you get your start in the industry? Were you a sports standout in school and wanted to stay connected to what you loved? Did you drift in from another profession, such as meeting planning or public relations? Maybe you majored in sports management in college. While we all have different entry points, we have a common denominator: mentors in the industry who guided us along. And they’re still helping us out; this issue has some great advice on issues we’re all grappling with and challenges we’re all facing. Let’s never stop learning, growing and pursuing excellence, particularly now as we emerge from the darkness into the welcome warmth of summer.

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The Right Hook

BY: Judy Leand

Whether contested in a boxing ring, on a wrestling mat or in a martial arts studio – or even in the octagon of MMA or the Olympics – combat sports epitomize the fighting spirit of sports. They also signify an evolution, as more women pour into the ranks. Throughout the country, these destinations have elevated hosting these events to an art form. more....