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July/August 2015
July/August 2015

The best things in life really are free, and you’ll find them in this issue of Sports Destination Management. Want proof? Every one of the industry experts who shared their knowledge and insights did so voluntarily. Our Perspectives article, written by Kait Mitchell at USA Field Hockey, details the best ways to recruit and work with volunteers. Diane Schaefer’s article on stay-to-play contracts and negotiating with hotels will give you new ideas on something you may be circling around uneasily. From Jon Schmieder, you can learn about working with sports commissions. Michael Wildes has a great piece on legal issues. Want insights on what’s happening in the world of sports? Check out the ‘state of the industry’ report on cheer & dance from Jim Lord, and the Executive Insights article on Rand Jerris of the USGA. We also delve into the latest trends in running and road sports (obstacle races and novelty runs, anyone?), how to achieve success with combative sports (boxing, wrestling, martial arts and the fast-growing mixed martial arts) – and an insightful study on the explosive growth of lacrosse across the United States. There’s also an examination of the Southeast as a destination. Your summer learning starts here. Turn the page to get a jump-start.


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Business Development
Best Practices: Working with Host Cities

Legal Issues in Sports Travel: It All Goes Back to Documentation

Destination Spotlight
Do You Know Greenville, South Carolina?
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Facilitating Great Sports
Greensboro, North Carolina: ‘Tournament Town’ Evolves

Executive Insights
United States Golf Association: An Interview with Rand Jerris, Senior Director of Public Services

Multi-Sport Multi-Discipline Review
The Good Fight: Planning Successful Combative Sports Events

Sports and Service: Engaging Volunteers for Community Partnerships

Regional Focus
Southeast Spectacular

Service Solutions
Hotel Negotiations: Crafting the Agreement to Get What You Want

Sports Facilities
Lacrosse Continues to Score Big

Sports Landscape
Hitting the Road - Marathons, Triathlons and Novelty Runs Co-Exist, Making Running a Truly Universal Activity

Sports Outlook
Cheer and Dance: The State of the Sport


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