July/August 2010 | Sports Destination Management

July/August 2010


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July/August 2010

Sometimes we don't see things that are right in front of us. Sometimes the most obvious is overlooked because we see it all the time. And the answer that we seek has been there all along. In this issue we focus on those things that we all know, but oftentimes fail to recognize.

In his Perspectives article "What Facilities Want," Dave Patrone takes an excellent look at event hosting from a facility's perspective and delineates exactly what venues need from organizers to better ensure a successful event. In the Sports Landscape feature, Amy Henderson highlights a very obvious, but often overlooked venue option – college facilities. In her article, Amy showcases several college facilities and their championship-caliber venues, while Juli Anne Patty explains, in succinct fashion, just what the Americans with Disabilities Act ("Understanding ADA") is through an interview with Jason Clement of The Sports Facilities Advisory. We also take an in depth look at successful events in the worlds of Equestrian, Cycling and Lacrosse as well as examine the latest advancements in technology for event management.

In this issue

What Facilities Really Want from an Event

BY: Dave Patrone

Venues have the opportunity to book events from a variety of markets these days: Trade, Commercial, Business, Religious, Fraternal, Consumer shows, Touring acts, Sports events, etc. In today's world, venues take on many forms and can serve many uses. more....