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July/August 2009


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July/August 2009

Recently, several of our staff attended the annual Sports Event Symposium, hosted by The National Association of Sports Commissions in Denver. Learning that the sports travel industry will be less impacted by the downturn in the economy than other sectors was one highlight of the show (and there were many).

Don Schumacher, executive director, provided numbers in his opening address that sports travel is more insulated than other segments of the travel industry, and much more than other industries. His explanation, while somewhat simple, makes perfect sense: People will get Janie to her soccer match. They may have to sacrifice certain things to get there, but sports event participation is a growing past-time that is an important facet of life in America.

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An Interview with Gene Delorenzo, Owner & Pricipal, GKD Sports Vision

BY: SDM Staff

Lacrosse is one of America's fastest growing sports, and GKDSportsVision and its owner and principal, Gene DeLorenzo, are at least partially responsible - especially when it comes to women's lacrosse. The company's annual event, SpringFling, draws some of the nation's top NCAA Division I, II and III lacrosse teams, along with a number of elite prep school teams, for a women’s lacrosse spring training event like no other. Here, DeLorenzo shares some of his experiences planning this huge event that has made apowerful impact on women's lacrosse. more....