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January/February 2010


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January/February 2010

Around here, the New Year brings forth a certain optimism where we all set out our objectives and slowly begin the process of perusing them. While these goals may vary in substance and importance, be they professional or personal, they all share one common trait - a timeline. Included in this annual rite of passage is the planning that goes into accomplishing those goals, specific with action plans. One action item that we are certain to undertake is attendance at the National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC) Sports Event Symposium in Columbus, Ohio April 13 - 15, 2010.

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Court Success for your Basketball Event

BY: Mary Helen Sprecher

Baseball might be the great American pastime, and soccer practice might be the destination of every minivan-driving mom, but basketball is the slam-dunk favorite in the United States. more....