January/February 2009 | Sports Destination Management

January/February 2009


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January/February 2009

Read any news item, turn on the TV, listen to the radio - and one thing is clear. The current U.S. economy has slowed. Some parts of the country have been hurt more than others, but almost everyone has felt (or will soon feel) a pinch of some degree. In an effort to alleviate some of the stress, we have decided to take a look at creative solutions to reduce costs and enhance the value of your events, all the while finding new revenue streams.

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The Value Dynamic of Sports Travel

BY: Nancy Cain

Last summer, when gas prices hit jaw-dropping record highs, many tourism and convention bureaus and sports festival organizers scrambled to take proactive steps to attract budget-conscious travelers. Hotels offered free $25 gas cards and extra night stays for the same price. Some events offered a "buy one, get one free admission" to lure visitors. With an eye on the nation's job market and unemployment at the highest levels in recent years, this year savvy festival and sports events organizers will need to be even more aggressive in seeking out partnerships and special promotions to keep visitors coming to local and regional events. more....