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WFTDA Updates Skill Requirements for Competition

Jun 09, 2013
Requirements Go Into Effect June 15

The WFTDA Training Committee has developed a new set of Minimum Skills Requirements in tandem with WFTDA member leagues and WFTDA Risk Management. This new set of standards was beta tested and voted in by WFTDA membership.

WFTDA member leagues are required to assess all charter team skaters, who must pass both this set of skills as well as the WFTDA Skater Rules Test in order to compete in WFTDA-sanctioned games. Team captains will certify that all testing was complete when submitting team charters and game sanctioning applications.

These minimum skills are:

  • Required for charter team skaters playing WFTDA sanctioned games.
  • Strongly recommended for skaters playing in interleague scrimmage or games.
  • Strongly recommended for skaters playing in intraleague (home) scrimmages or games.
  • Recommended for new skaters to graduate to contact drills and intraleague (home league) scrimmages.

All currently passed skaters should be re-tested and skaters will be expected to meet the new skills requirements, including the rules test, for any sanctioned WFTDA game played after June 15, 2013.

About Women’s Flat Track Derby Association: Founded in 2005, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the international governing body for the sport of women’s roller derby and a membership organization for leagues to collaborate and network. The WFTDA sets standards for rules, seasons and safety, and determines guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions of member leagues. There are currently 176 WFTDA member leagues and 119 leagues in the WFTDA Apprentice program globally. The WFTDA a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization is governed by a five-member, volunteer Board of Directors. The website is

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