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US Youth Soccer Providing Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for Membership

May 22, 2017

US Youth Soccer has successfully introduced its sexual abuse awareness training program, provided in conjunction with Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) and Pullen Insurance Services. A couple months after the program’s announcement, many of US Youth Soccer’s 55 State Associations have signed up and provided positive feedback on its potential impact on the well-being and safety of their members.

The program provides each enrolled State Association and its members with access to sport-specific awareness training while allowing the states to manage, track and renew the trainings through an online control panel.

“US Youth Soccer is always looking for valuable resources to provide soccer families through our member State Associations," US Youth Soccer CEO Chris Moore said. "We are excited about this opportunity and the positive impact the Abuse Prevention Systems program can have in educating our members and increasing awareness about the risks of sexual abuse."

The program was created by Gregory Love, who introduced it to the association’s members at January’s US Youth Soccer Workshop in Los Angeles.

After decades of litigating sexual abuse cases, Love and Kimberlee Norris founded Abuse Prevention Systems to help organizations meet legal standards of care and reduce the risk of sexual abuse by creating preventative measures tailored to fit the needs of camps, schools, youth sports, daycares and other children’s programs.

“Partnering with US Youth Soccer gives us the opportunity to continue spread awareness and help to prevent sexual abuse,” Love said. “With US Youth Soccer having more than 3 million registered players, the program will be wide-reaching and carry a substantial impact on creating a safer playing environment for youth across the country.”

US Youth Soccer State Associations will have access to screening forms and Skillful Screening Training at no additional charge. It will be the responsibility of each State Soccer Association to implement its respective screening efforts.

Clubs interested in learning more should visit the APS website or contact their local State Association to inquire about access to the training program. 

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