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Security Course Being Offered for Event Planners

Jan 02, 2018

Safety and security at running events continue to grow in importance. Not only is it crucial for events of all sizes to have safety and security protocols for race day, but equally as important for event organizers to have detailed plans in place for a variety of potential scenarios throughout your race weekend.

What Training Will Be Offered?

The National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) offers a two-day training program for event directors, law enforcement, first responders and others. This federally funded program will help enhance your safety and security efforts. Only three training sessions will be funded in 2018.

Who Should Apply?

This training is for events of all sizes and distances.  IF your event is selected as one of the three sessions held in 2018, attendance is limited to 5-8 members from your team.  The staff at NCS4 will work with you and also invite local police, fire, EMS and other first responders in your area to attend.  NOTE:  This federally funded training also includes programs for Division I NCAA football and professional sports arenas.  If your event is in a market with professional sports leagues and Division I colleges, this will increase the likelihood of your event being chosen for this training.  

Does My Event Have to Pay for This Training?

While there are no costs for the training, your event will need to:

  • Secure a location that can host 40-50 attendees for two days

  • Provide audio/video services

  • Supply lunch to attendees each day

Running USA encourages all events to apply to receive this training. If interested, please click here.

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