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Wham-O Rights Sold to Stallion Sport Ltd and InterSport

Jan 11, 2016

Wham-O Holding Ltd., the manufacturer of Frisbee, the Original Slip 'N Slide, Hula Hoop and Hacky Sack, among other innovative products, said Stallion Sport Ltd and InterSport Corp have acquired the global rights to Wham-O in an exclusive deal.

Stallion Sport Ltd is a privately held, Hong Kong-based worldwide manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of outdoor related consumer products and, along with its affiliated companies, is considered one of the leading China-based water sports industry companies, with expanding investments in Europe, Asia and North America.

InterSport Corp is also a privately held, Carson, CA USA based company that will serve as the sales, marketing, design and distribution arm of Wham-O products for the Americas.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to rebuild several legendary brands in the toy and recreational outdoor businesses with their strong international brand recognition," said Stallion Sport CFO Sam Yu.

"This acquisition provides Stallion Sport and InterSport Corp the chance to leverage our global manufacturing and distribution infrastructure with the iconic and highly recognized brand name in outdoor recreation products dating back to the 1940's," continued Yu.

InterSport Corp President Todd Richards said, "Our primary goal in this transaction will be to put Wham-O products back to the forefront of mass, sporting goods and specialty worldwide customers which have a rich history of partnership with Wham-O and all the amazing products that have been part of so many people’s lives for over 65 years.”

Richards believes the acquisition is occurring at a great time in the industry's cycle, before the upcoming Hong Kong Toy Show and International Toy Fair, where manufacturers typically launch important new product and marketing initiatives.

"We expect a seamless transition with Wham-O's vendors and customers, which should all benefit from Stallion Sport”s and InterSport’s size, financial stability and operational expertise, and that Stallion Sport’s and InterSport's management are committed to assuring Wham-O's customer base of a continued stream of innovative products of the highest quality, with a new dedication to customer service and business continuity," continued Richards.

Wham-O products are powerful brand names in the outdoor recreation market, including the surf sports product category, where Wham-O has been an industry leader in this category, with its Morey, Morey Boogie, Malibu Boogie, BZ and Churchill brands and the snow sports category, with its branded SnowBoogie sleds, snowboards and inflatables.

About Stallion Sport Ltd:  Stallion Sport was founded by water sports athletes, Lam Shing Jily Jo and Leung Shiu Hong, in 1992 based upon the idea of bringing sports and lifestyle products to the public.  By this concept, Stallion focuses on developing innovative products supported by leading brands and reasonable pricing that laid the ground works for Stallion’s advancements in sporting goods design and development.  Our company started off in servicing sporting goods OEM business under various brand names in Europe, North America, Australia and Japan.  Stallion’s strengths lie in understanding core channels in designs, marketing and manufacturing of the products.  By 2001 the operation has expanded in Hong Kong with headquarters located next door to manufacturing in China.

About Intersport Corp.:  The InterSport Corp management team, along with many associates, has worked with and for the pioneers of outdoor sport and toys giving us a solid foundation and a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from to design and produce innovative, quality products. Based in Carson, CA InterSport Corp headquarters houses all facets of its business operations with the exception of factory manufacturing which is accomplished overseas in company supervised facilities.  InterSport Corp distributes products that are suited to many levels of sales and distribution, from independent and specialty pro shops to sporting goods retailers to National Mass retailers  We can service just about any sector of retail and wholesale distribution with a variety of outdoor sports and toy products through our 140,000 sq ft US domestic facility or facilitating factory direct shipments.

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