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Vert Adds First Women’s Basketball Program

Aug 14, 2017

Vert, a wearable athletic technology specialist, signed its first NCAA women’s basketball client with the Mississippi State University Bulldogs. They are the latest premier program to acquire a fully integrated G-Vert Team System.

The signing follows the addition of its first NBA client the Miami Heat and first NCAA men’s basketball program with Auburn University over the past two years.

The tech company provides performance data for over 200 programs in both college and professional sports.

“I’ve been interested in Vert since my time in the NBA,” said Anthony Harvey, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mississippi State. “Being able to get a system that calculates this level of mechanical load is cutting edge. Athletic stress monitoring will never be the same.”

The G-Vert Team System allows coaches to measure a player’s peak performance with Vert’s machine learning software. The system measures the G-Force of every dynamic movement to provide clients with peak performance of kinetic energy, jump analytics, power, mechanical stress and appendage asymmetry.

“Women’s basketball has an incredibly high rate of lower extremity injury, especially ACL,” said David Gil, Performance Lab Director, Vert. “The staff at Mississippi State understands the importance of the insights our system provides, so they can keep their team healthy, strong and at the top of NCAA Women’s Basketball.”

Vert was the first wearable technology used for in-game play in the NCAA. Vert technology was recently a part of the NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship games.

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