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USRowing Announces Partnership with Thorne Research

Aug 29, 2016

USRowing is proud to announce that Thorne Research has signed as the exclusive dietary supplement partner of USRowing, providing national team members with effective and safe supplements to support athlete health. As part of the multi-year agreement, Thorne will provide products to U.S. National Team athletes and will offer benefits to the rowing community through a health portal and educational campaign.

Major advances in the research, development and monitoring of dietary supplements has enabled Thorne Research to provide elite athletes with supplements that can aid in overall health as well as accelerate recovery from the day-to-day rigors of training after the athletes’ food and nutrition practices have been maximized. Thorne Research will provide USRowing athletes with products that have the highest level of certification, baseline nutritional level testing through WellnessFX, educational materials and risk protection.

“Our athletes’ health is our highest priority and cannot be placed at risk. Athletes may have nutritional or physiological demands that require supplementation, and USRowing’s partnership with Thorne Research will ensure that our athletes are receiving safe, clean and carefully monitored and tested dietary supplements," said Dr. Jo Hannafin, USRowing’s team physician. “It is critically important that standards for quality, safety and content be demonstrated for dietary supplements that may be used by our athletes.”

In addition, athletes will have access to reliable health information from Mayo Clinic, which has been compiled for easy access on the Thorne Research website. This content helps athletes evaluate supplement usage and understand supplement labels, manufacturing and regulations, all provided by an objective resource.

"USRowing is synonymous with quality and success. We at Thorne Research are excited to be part of this winning tradition and also take tremendous pride in the quality of our product,” said Paul Jacobson, Thorne Research CEO. “Through this partnership, we look to become an integral part of the health and wellness regimen of these great athletes and the rowing community.”

“The health and wellbeing of the rowing community is important to USRowing, and we are proud to work with a company whose products are scientifically formulated, rigorously studied, clinically researched and NSF-certified for sport. The health portal and product site ( includes the same products offered to our elite athletes for those members who choose to use supplements in addition to food and nutrition practices,” said Beth Kohl, USRowing’s chief marketing officer. “USRowing is collaborating with Thorne Research and the Mayo Clinic on a health and wellness platform featuring broad-based content focused on athlete health. Partnering with Thorne Research will bring a heightened focus on health and nutrition to the rowingconversation, providing benefits for athletes at every level. We are thrilled they have joined our team.” 

USRowing and Thorne Research recommend that anyone considering using a supplement first check with their primary care specialist or registered dietitian.

About USRowing: USRowing is a nonprofit organization recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the governing body for the sport of rowing in the United States. USRowing has 85,000 individual members and 1,300 member organizations, offering rowing programs for all. USRowing receives generous support from the National Rowing Foundation and its corporate sponsors and partners.

About Thorne Research: Thorne Research is a personalized health solutions company dedicated to improving individual outcomes through science and technology. For 30 years, Thorne Research has led the nutritional supplement industry in providing researched-based, high quality natural products including foundational vitamins and minerals, therapeutic-focused nutritional supplements, and soon to include botanical drugs. By leveraging cutting-edge research and personalized data through affiliate WellnessFX, Thorne Research offers customized preventive health solutions for practitioners, their patients, and athletes. Thorne Research is a majority shareholder in WellnessFX, a San Francisco-based personalized wellness company providing home kit testing and actionable recommendations from the analysis of blood chemistry, genetics, and microbiome.

Thorne Research is headquartered in New York City with a manufacturing facility in Sandpoint, Idaho. Further information on Thorne Research is available at

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