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USA BMX: $45,000 Awarded to Bob Warnicke Scholarship Recipients

Jun 16, 2014

USA BMX and its members would like to congratulate the following BMXers for being approved for a Bob Warnicke BMX scholarship. This year, thanks to increased participation in the Bob Warnicke Scholarship races, The American Bicycle Association was able to give out $45,000 in scholarships to the following 31 collegiate students.

Proceeds from all Bob Warnicke races in USA BMX and BMX Canada go in to this scholarship fund.  The names of the recipients are as follows:

And with no further ado, here are this year's 31 approved recipients of the Bob Warnicke Scholarship.

$5,000: Blake Foxx
San Tan Valley, AZ
Arizona State University - BFA in Photography
Blake credits BMX racing for leading him to his chosen field of study - photography. “Without the travel opportunities BMX has given me,” he says, “I would not have had the experiences that peaked my interest in telling a story through pictures. I developed a great interest in capturing emotions at that one moment in time, whether it be happiness, anger or pain.”

$5,000: Heather Collman
Rockton, IL
Lindsey Wilson College Psychophysiology/Physical Therapist
Heather has learned to budget her time, focus, and push through hard situations to get her work done, allowing her to succeed on and off the track.

$2,000: David Ryan Goderre
Chandler, AZ
San Diego State University - Business Administration/Information Systems
David said BMX has taught him that the more effort you put into something the more you get out of it. He uses this same philosophy now with everything he does - including his studies in college, to be the best that he can be.

$2,000: Devon Melanson
Milton, ON
Humber Institute of Technology - Police Foundations Program
“The sport of BMX has most definitely been the biggest influence on my career choice,” Devon says. “It has led me to know that whether I decide to become a police officer or choose a career in criminal investigations, I am meant to help people and to provide positivity to people’s lives in any way possible.”

$2,000: Dylan Riedemann
Cambridge, MN
Anoka-Ramsey Community College - Associates in Business/Engineering
“I’ve been racing since 2004,” Dylan describes. “I volunteer a lot of my time to Rum River BMX - helping out with many things. I mow the grass during the day, fold flyers and deliver advertisements. I dedicate a lot of my time to be a part of a great facility - and apply the same principles to school.”

$2,000: Emily Mundahl
Bismarck, ND
University of Mary - Bachelor of Science in Exorcise Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy
Emily credits Alise Post for inspiring her to always do her best and to never give up. She hopes to be as kind and caring as Alise is and to encourage others - just as Alise has always encouraged her.

$2,000: Glenn Gross
Pearland, TX
Texas Tech - Mechanical Engineering
Glenn’s biggest inspiration has been E.J. Dorrian. “He’s had a colossal impact in my BMX career,” Glenn admits. “After my first race he came up to me and said “good race” and gave me the traditional “knuckles.” This small gesture made such an impression on me because he didn’t ignore me, but instead welcomed me into the BMX family.”

$2,000: Jamie Reed
Hamilton, OH
Marian University - Doctorate in Physical Therapy
Jamie credits BMX racing for the friends she has now and the close bond she has with her family. “BMX has improved my life an incredible amount,” she states. “I would not change it for the world.”

$2,000: Shayona Glynn
Norco, CA
Marian University - Special Education
Shayona states, “It is my goal to help those kids make their life better. I think my experiences in BMX racing will help me be a better teacher.”

$2,000: Taylor Stephens
Redmond, OR
Central Oregon Community College - Exercise Science
Taylor’s involvement in the sport of BMX has influenced him to choose exercise science as his field of study. As a BMX racer, he has seen how he has been able to perform better because of the results of physical therapy.

$2,000: Tyler Whitfield
Rockford, IL
Marian University - Pediatrician
Tyler says, “ I have come to realize that life is full of challenges, just in different sizes. It just depends how you react to them, kind of like being on the track.”

$2,000: Keith Anderson
Reno, NV
University of Nevada - Accounting
Keith credits Tony Hoffman as the person who has inspired him the most in BMX. Keith said Tony inspired him to chase his own racing goals, reach for his education no matter what stands in the way and always give a helping hand to people.

$2,000: Maurice Horton
San Francisco, CA
University of California
Maurice says, “My unique life experiences have led me to the decision to want to spend my life helping others and doing everything that I can to research, develop, and produce pharmaceutical products that will enable all people to live healthier lives. I will always thank BMX for making me the man I am today, and leading me into the rewarding career of Pharmacy.”

$1,000: Adam Stangline

Spring Brook Twp, PA

Wilkes University - Accounting

Adam likes to be a help to others. “Whether it’s helping out my church, at the track, community service at school, or helping out a friend, I find great enjoyment in helping other people and building relationships with them,” he states.

$1,000: Alan Struna
Milwaukee, WI
Milwaukee School of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
Alan credits Jim Buchanan for inspiring him the most in BMX. Alan says, “Jim gave me a sense of what true servant leadership was and how it affected us and others. His heart is what helped me become the real leader and mentor figure in others’ lives.”

$1,000: Brandon Rutherford
Bauxite, AR
University of Arkansas / Little Rock - Economics & Business
“I have raced BMX year-round, both local and national, for 11 year,” Brandon states. “I want to set an example for younger riders so that someday, they may also get a scholarship through BMX.”

$1,000: Jeremy Chandler
Tucson, AZ
Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
A volunteer at his parents’ track - Desert Sun BMX in Tucson, Jeremy has helped out with everything from track-prep, running the gate, clinics, staging and officiating. With 14 years of BMX racing under his belt, he applies many of the same principles to school that he learned from racing.

$1,000: Josh Wedge
Unionville, CT
Central Connecticut State University Bachelor of Arts in Criminology
Josh coaches BMX at Foothills BMX and has set a goal this year to help as many riders as he possibly can. Josh states, “Seeing riders improve and seeing them realize they really can do something they never thought they could do is an amazing feeling that never gets old.”

$1,000: Justin Posey
Winston-Salem, NC
Marian University - Business Marketing
Justin admits it would be easy to not go to college and race his bike for the next few years and forget about school due to the difficult workload, however, he proudly says, “The degree I will obtain will last me the rest of my life, while BMX will only fulfill my dreams for the next few years.”

$1,000: Nick Koehler
Tustin, CA
Santiago Community College - Sports Medicine
Nick says there are a lot of challenges associated with school and racing. They range from convincing the school office that you should be able to miss school for a race, having a social life, and going to school full time and training. But with all the challenges he has faced and the future challenges he will continue to face, are all worth it to race his bike.

$1,000: Robert Vargo Jr.
Exeter, PA
Luzerne Co. Community College - Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
“I think I have many of the same qualities as Bob Warnicke,” Robert told us. “BMX is my passion. Helping others through BMX is what I do.”

$500: Bryce Hocking
Carlsbad, CA
Marian University - Bachelors of Science in Sports Performance
The most inspirational person to Bryce is Nic Long’s willpower. Bryce says, “It’s Nic’s will to win, Nic’s will to do whatever it takes to achieve what he sees as success, and his will to help others, is what inspires me most.”

$500: David Lujan
Raytown, MO
Missouri University of Science and Technology - Applied Mathematics
David says he’s taken away from the sport of BMX the values it has to teach people. The most important of those values is self-improvement; if you want to progress in anything, you need to be dedicated to it.

$500: Debbie Slovikosky
Gallitzin, PA
Marywood University - Architecture
Debbie volunteers at her local track, helping groom the track, painting corner marshall stands, or helping the younger BMX racers. She credits her parents example of getting involved at the local track for greatly influencing her life.

$500: Doug Widdows
Cumberland, MD
Allegany College of Maryland - Criminology & Criminal Justice

“BMX has been a huge part of my life,” Doug tells us. “I was even home-schooled for my high school years to I could get out and travel more for racing and training. While I realize my education is the most important thing right now, I’m going to keep racing as much as I can.”

$500: Jen Hartmann
Louisville, KY
Bellarmine University - Communications and Sports Studies
Jen says one of the main reasons she loves the sport of BMX racing is because of the accessibility she has to professional races. She says, “It is a great experience to watch the race and then talk to the women pros after and ask for advice.”

$500: John "Jake" Pletscher
Fanwood, NJ
Rowan University - Chemical Engineering
Jake strives to be a serious racer who always has a smile on his face - even if it’s after getting a fifth in the semi - like Matt Kelty, his inspiration. As Jake’s gotten older, he’s come to enjoy helping younger riders with whatever they need, just like how Kelty helped him out.

$500: Luke Roarty
Clarksville, MD
Marian University - Biology
Luke credits Lance McGuire for inspiration; through his actions and by being an excellent role model. “Lance has taught me many things about life,” Luke says, “and he inspires me to work hard and become the best person I can be.”

$500: Rylie A. Edwards
Eagle Mountain, UT
University of Utah - Physical Therapist
“You start to change your lifestyle to become a better racer because all you want is to be the best rider on the track,” Rylie tells us. “Through all of my experiences while racing BMX or being in school, I do know that I want to help people become the best version of themselves.”

$500: Taylor Mattingly
Kaukauana, WI
University of Iowa - Chemical Engineer
Taylor credits Foster “Chedda” Chadek for helping him to become a better racer and also helping him to grow socially. Taylor says, “He has taught me to reach out to others, rather than waiting for them to come to me.”

$500: Wesley Murphy
Clarksville, TN
Lindsey Wilson College - Business/Recreation and Tourism
“This sport has pushed me toward my goals and career interest of being a bike store owner,” Wesley says. “Not only having a store - but also, I want to create and build awesome bikes for racers. It would be the most exciting day ever to have BMX riders coming across the finish line on one of my bikes.”

ABOUT: THE BOB WARNICKE SCHOLARSHIP: Since 1996, the Bob Warnicke Scholarship program has awarded over $350,000 in Scholarships to members of the NBL and USA BMX. The Warnicke Scholarship Race was created to help fund The Bob Warnicke Memorial Scholarship Fund, which assists students and their families in meeting the costs of undergraduate college education, trade school, etc. USA BMX/BMX Canada members who have a current USA BMX/BMX Canada membership or Track Operators/Officials who participate in BMX racing events sanctioned by USA BMX/BMX Canada are all eligible to apply.

WHO WAS BOB WARNICKE: Bob Warnicke was well known for his leadership role and for his countless efforts in promoting the sport of BMX Racing. Among his many contributions, he will forever best be remembered for his instrumental role in bringing BMX to millions of viewers through the airing of the "Road to Glory Series" on ESPN2 and ESPN. More than anything else, Bob was a person who cared deeply about the sport of BMX racing. His dedication showed his commitment to the youth who benefited from his efforts, and improved the sport and the image of BMX throughout the years. Bob passed away Nov.16, 1994, at the young age of 48 years old. The Scholarship Program preserves his legacy of love by contributing to the futures of deserving USA BMX / BMX Canada members in his name.

For more information on the Bob Warnicke Scholarship program - including instructions on how to apply - CLICK HERE.

We would like to thank the hundreds of applicants for their dedication to education. Each year, it becomes tougher and tougher for the Bob Warnicke Scholarship committee to narrow down the finalists.

USA BMX and all of these recipients of a BMX scholarship have YOU, the membership, to thank. If not for the participation of our tracks and the riders, this could not be made possible.

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