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Sportlobster Announced as Official Sponsor of NFL International Series

Oct 27, 2014
Sports Social Network Also Named as Official Sponsor of NFL UK and the NFL UK Fan Forums

The National Football League (NFL) and Sportlobster have today announced the sports social network is an official sponsor of the International Series, as well as the NFL UK and NFL UK Fan Forums, in London.

As part of the International Series, Wembley hosted Miami Dolphins’ win over Oakland Raiders to a sell-out crowd on September 28 and will also stage Atlanta Falcons versus Detroit Lions on October 26 and Jacksonville Jaguars versus Dallas Cowboys on November 9.

Sportlobster participated in the Regent Street event on September 27 and will have more promotional activations at the NFL Fan Rally in Trafalgar Square on October 25, the NFL Fan Event on November 8 and NFL Tailgate Parties on the days of the remaining two fixtures.

NFL UK have created a profile on Sportlobster and will populate their page with relevant content from the games held in London.

Sportlobster co-founder and CEO Andy Meikle said: “The National Football League is one of the most popular competitions in the United States and its presence continues to grow enormously around the world with more fans developing a passion for American football.

“To be named as an official sponsor of the International Series, which has been an incredible success since its inception in 2007, and also the NFL UK and NFL UK Fan Forums is a fantastic opportunity for Sportlobster to make another mark on the global stage.

“We want to bring the whole NFL community into one place and create a hotbed of relevant interactions between fans, whether they are reacting to news, writing a blog, making a prediction on their favourite team or simply lobbing on the action.

“We aim to grow our fanbase through the International Series and look forward to welcoming the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars just as much as we did with the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders.”

Alistair Kirkwood, Managing Director of NFL UK, said: “We are excited to partner with Sportlobster, the sports social network, because we can specifically target our fans with more relevant interactions and through a wider range of content. The popularity of the International Series is growing immensely. Fans want more engagement and more insight into the NFL and we can deliver this with Sportlobster.”

Through Sportlobster, fans will be able to communicate with the NFL through blogs and user-generated content as well as stay updated on everything related to the games in London.

Sportlobster launched online in April 2013, before the company released its iPhone app in October and Android app in April 2014.

Fans are able to customise their content in accordance to their passions and access a variety of sports and functionalities.

There are now more than 1.8m fans on the network and a host of verified users and ambassadors such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Giorgio Chiellini and Serge Ibaka.

Join Sportlobster and visit the NFL Fanzone to access news, lobs, blogs, predictions, fixtures and results and photos and videos on favorite teams:

About Sportlobster
: Sportlobster is the sports social network, which brings news, blogs, predictions, fixtures and results, live match data and photos and videos tailored to fans’ preferences. Ambassadors of the network include Cristiano Ronaldo, Giorgio Chiellini, Michael Owen, George Groves, Natalie Pinkham and Serge Ibaka.

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  • Designed, operated and populated by sports fans, this one-stop shop delivers the entire sporting world in one location, tailored to each fan’s passions

  • The power of social networks together with the dominance of smartphones ensures Sportlobster’s simple, colourful and functional app will revolutionise how sports fans source and share content while on the move

  • Sharing news, rumors, predictions and events with other fans on specific topics across multiple sports no longer needs to be difficult

Sporting stars and celebrities are using and endorsing the site thanks to unique features, such as the predictions and sports calendar, plus the ability to write longer articles and engage in more extensive debate than other, more limited, social networks

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