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RaceJoy Introduces Course Gamification for Race Organizers and Sponsors

Jun 26, 2017
Geo-Positioning of Customized Audio Messages to Participants

RunSignUp’s race day mobile application, RaceJoy, announces its newest feature, custom Cheer Points, for race organizers of running, walking and cycling events. Race organizers can now schedule custom audio messages to be delivered to participants’ phones at designated geographic positions along the event’s course. RaceJoy is the industry’s leading race day technology solution with live, real-time tracking, GPS-based progress alerts, audio cheer sending, and race day monitoring for the operations team. This newest feature gives the ability for race organizers to creatively engage with participants and innovatively to showcase sponsors.

By using GPS technology, RaceJoy automatically detects the location of participants using the RaceJoy app on race day and is able to deliver custom messages that are relevant to their current location such as supportive cheers at a particularly challenging section of the course, a special cheer from a water stop, a congratulations cheer at the finish, and so on. In addition, events are able to incorporate this into any creative gamification segments they may have on the course.

Race organizers can also use Custom Cheer Points to showcase sponsors in a contextual manner, such as having messages delivered as a participant passes by local sponsors or showcasing a sponsor at a certain segment of the course. Sponsor promotional jingles can be issued along with a custom message.

“RaceJoy continues to break new ground for the industry and the launch of Custom Cheer Points gives race organizers a new creative outlet for engaging with participants as they are completing the event. In addition, races are always wanting to provide new options and more value to sponsors, and this gives sponsors the ability to actively support participants and receive powerful exposure to their brand. It is truly amazing the significant technology that is being offered with RaceJoy for all involved – the participants, spectators, race organizers and sponsors,” said Bob Bickel, founder of RunSignUp.

Cheer messages can be a combination of pre-recorded audio clips, text-to-audio or a combination of the two. The first race to use this feature was the 2017 DICK’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon. Race organizers issued supporting messages at various points on the course such as:

  • Mile 9: “On the PNC Military Mile. Thanks to our service members!” Combined with RaceJoy’s ‘Military GO!’ Audio Cheer Message Recording

  • Mile 22: “Crack open a cold Sierra Nevada at the finish!” Combined with RaceJoy’s ‘Wahoo!’ Audio Cheer Message Recording

  • Finish: RaceJoy’s ‘Runner of Steel’ Audio Cheer Message Recording

“Because RaceJoy is a native mobile app, we are poised to create more dynamic and interactive tools like sending geo-positioned messages to participants when they arrive at milestones on the course. Many of RaceJoy’s tools for race organizers are designed specifically to enhance race day communications and interaction with participants. We see this as a valuable opportunity for races and sponsors to uniquely connect into the real time participant performance experience that simply was not possible previously,” said James Harris, RaceJoy’s founder.

About RunSignUp’s RaceJoy: RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product, is changing the race experience through advanced mobile technologies specifically for running, cycling and triathlon race events. Exclusively designed around the race day experience, RaceJoy provides real-time, interactive information and connection for participants, spectators, and race organizers on race day. RaceJoy offers innovative features such as live GPS tracking, GPS-based progress alerts, Send-a-Cheer, and Race Day Monitoring. With an emphasis on quality, RaceJoy was built upon native mobile technology for an authentic, interactive mobile experience. For more information about RaceJoy, visit www.racejoy.com and the company behind RaceJoy at www.runsignup.com.

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