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Pulsair Systems Announces Partnership with USA Diving

Jun 04, 2013
Company to be Official Supplier of Diving Bubbler Systems

Pulsair® Systems and USA Diving today announced that Pulsair® Systems will be the exclusive official supplier of diving bubbler systems for USA Diving.  The SoftWater® Landing System combines the efficient management of compressed air, on-demand remote control, high quality stainless steel construction and advanced touchscreen technology all to deliver a top-notch diving bubbler system.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with USA Diving to help promote and grow the sport of diving,” said Dick Parks, Pulsair’s President.  “Over the past decade, we’ve seen an increased adoption of our SoftWater® Landing System by clubs, universities and aquatic centers on a worldwide basis.  Diving coaches and instructors know that a bubbler system is an essential training tool to help develop divers at all skill levels and boost diver confidence.  Additionally, incorrect water landing are unavoidable when attempting new and complex dives and the SoftWater® Landing System helps address the safety component by aerating the water below the springboard or diving platform with a soft cushion of air and water for the diver to land in.”

“USA Diving is very excited to begin our new partnership with Pulsair® Systems. This will help get divers, coaches and aquatic centers excited about adopting new technology that addresses the needs of divers at all levels and more importantly, reduces risks and injuries to divers,” said Linda Paul, USA Diving’s President and CEO.  “Pulsair® Systems fully supports our goals of attracting new individuals and athletes to the sport of diving, reducing injuries and ultimately helping divers at all levels meet and exceed their personal goals all the way to the Olympic Games.  I am proud that Pulsair® Systems and USA Diving have become partners.”

Pulsair® Systems offers two versions of its SoftWater® Landing System; one is for permanent installation during new construction or retrofits and the other is a portable surface-mounted sparger system for existing pools.  Both systems are easy to operate and work by managing the release of compressed air through a series of long stainless steel diffusers placed at the bottom of the diving well.  The rising air bubbles create a soft cushion of air and water at the water’s surface for the diver to safely enter.

About USA Diving: Featuring America’s best divers, USA Diving is the national governing body for the sport of diving.  Headquartered in Indianapolis, USA Diving offers diversified programs geared toward the broadest number of diving enthusiasts, from the novice to the world champion.  USA Diving conducts approximately 40 regional and national events annually and is responsible for training and selecting teams that represent the United States at international events such as the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup.  For additional information, please visit www.usadiving.org.

About Pulsair Systems: Pulsair Systems manufactures the SoftWater® Landing System, the best diving bubbler system in the world, along with supplying efficient liquid mixing systems for a variety of niche markets.  For over 30-years Pulsair® has been the leader in designing revolutionary pneumatic mixing technology and efficient management of compressed air for liquid blending, aeration and mixing.  For more information, please visit www.pulsair.com.

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