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PHIT America Announces 150th Sponsor

Dec 16, 2013
The Sports Authority and ETS Among Others Join Fight Against Inactivity Crisis

PHIT America, the non-profit education and advocacy organization designed to combat the nation’s inactivity and obesity crisis, announces the addition of 13 new supporters in the drive to get America moving. The Sports Authority and Electronic Transactions Systems Corporation (ETS) joined as Founding Sponsors, the highest level of support.

The diverse roster comprised of industry-leading manufacturers, retailers, governing bodies and other organizations share the commitment to create “A Movement for a Fit and Healthy America.” Through the coordinated campaign of PHIT America, each sponsor is dedicated to educate the community on the importance of an active lifestyle.

The Sports Authority, one of the leading retailers in the sporting goods industry, and ETS, an innovative leader in merchant processing, join PHIT America at the Founding Sponsor level. New Alliance partners include Brooks, Dunham’s Sports, Fleet Feet Sports, Gared Sports, Gym Source, ISSA, Markwort Sporting Goods, Nfinity, SKLZ, Titan Team Sports and Total Health Interactive (THI).

“We at ETS realize we must all work together to increase physical activity in America,” said Ed Vaughan, CEO of ETS.  “We are committed to the sports and fitness industry and hope to see athletic growth and participation by all, young and old. When I saw the inactivity trends, I knew how important it was for the formation and success of organizations such as PHIT America and felt that we had to do our part to try and help.”

"When I learned about PHIT America at the recent Industry Leaders Summit, I knew we had to be supportive,” said Michael Foss, CEO of the Sports Authority.  “Sports Authority and PHIT America are aligned in growing participation and play in America. Our industry has to work together to get more Americans to be active and playing more sports and Sports Authority is proud to help."

“Our mission at Fleet Feet Sports is to change people’s lives by helping them become more active. I can’t imagine a mission that better aligns with the goals of PHIT America,” added Jeff Phillips, President & CEO of Fleet Feet Sports.  “We are proud to support PHIT America with our No Boundaries program, finding ways to get cities to start a Mayors Fitness Challenge, and utilizing PHIT America tools to educate America about the inactivity pandemic and how to get more active, fit and healthy.”

With the support of even more sponsors, PHIT America will be able to increase the number of Americans who are active, fit and healthy via increased education, passing key U.S. legislation and supporting grassroots, activity based programs.

“More than 192 million Americans are not active to healthy standards. Almost 30 percent of Americans are totally sedentary and this has increased the last five years,” says Jim Baugh, Founder of PHIT America, former President of Wilson Sporting Goods and a 2011 inductee into the Sporting Goods Industry Hall of Fame. “As our message to be active, fit and playing sports is spread through our sponsors, we are even closer to our goal to Get America Moving.”

PHIT America supports two pieces of legislation crucial to increasing the number of healthy Americans. When passed, the Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT) will allow people to use pre-tax medical accounts for physical activity expenses. The Physical Education Program (PEP) is a 12-year Federal grant from the Department of Education for schools to rebuild health and fitness programs.

A full list of sponsors is available by clicking here.

Americans are encouraged to support PHIT America by visiting to advocate, provide a donation or participate in health and wellness programs.

About PHIT America: Founded in January 2013, PHIT America is a non-profit educational, social media, and advocacy campaign focused on overcoming the inactivity pandemic and obesity crisis in America by creating a “Movement for a Fit & Healthy America.” Over 130 companies along with sports ambassadors and celebrities are helping PHIT America to get more Americans more active, fit and healthier.

A few of the major PHIT America initiatives include passing key legislation. The Personal Health Investment Today Act (PHIT) will allow Americans will be able to use pre-tax medical accounts for physical activity expenses. The Physical Education Program (PEP) is a 12-year program supporting increased activity in local physical education programs throughout America. Both the PHIT Act and PEP Program will help mitigate rising healthcare costs by encouraging Americans to develop more active, healthy lifestyles.

PHIT America also just launched the Mayors Fitness Challenge  a new, fun 10-week campaign in local cities around the U.S. designed to encourage active lifestyles through group exercise sessions, educational programs and community engagement.

For more information about PHIT America, visit

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