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NYSAA: Youth League Administrators Eligible for Benefits

Nov 18, 2013

Volunteer administrators of a youth sports league may be eligible for a free membership to the National Youth Sports Administrators Association (NYSAA).

Volunteer administrators take on huge responsibilities, like being the President of the league or taking a position on the Board of Directors, to give children an opportunity to play youth sports.

However, many of these volunteers have little or no formal training in the administration of youth sports, and they may be personally liable for the actions of the program. For these reasons, the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) developed NYSAA to specifically provide education and liability protection for individuals who volunteer to be part of a league's leadership team.

The program helps administrators set and maintain high standards for their youth league for the benefit of all involved, especially the children in their care, through training in working with parents, coaches and volunteers; setting up a board; financial procedures; legal matters; insurance protection; and more.

Information is available at the NYSAA website.

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