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A Virtual Obstacle Race. Yes, Really

Dec 23, 2014
Cranky Bastard Virtual 5K Allows OCR Community to Participate on Own Time

It was only a matter of time.

The Cranky Bastard Virtual 5K is the obstacle racing community’s answer to everyone who has complained about not finding a nearby race, races being scheduled at inconvenient times, and having unexpected time commitments.

The race, which participants sign up for online, can be participated in on a treadmill or outdoors, at the convenience of the registrant. Registrants send results to the site, along with photos, screen shots of fitness apps that track participation and more. Results are posted online. Medals are mailed to all finishers.

Yes, medals.

The race was offered originally as a one-time-only event, and quickly sold out, leading organizers to declare, “We’re a bunch of liars,” and offer it again.

Registrants can talk smack on the event’s Facebook page.

Full details are available at this site.

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