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New Initiative Debuts, Aimed at "Taking Squash to the People"

Nov 09, 2016

Reigning world champion Gregory Gaultier has described a major new initiative aimed at "taking squash to the people" as a "revolution" for the sport.

An article in Inside The Games explained it as follows:

The concept brings the court - usually externally invisible, within a club or sports centre - "centre-stage", as the focal point of the building in which it is housed.

It has been developed by ASB, the world's leading squash court manufacturer, in partnership with TPoint, the first smart outdoor squash court. 

"This is a revolution for squash - I can't wait to try it myself," said Frenchman Gaultier, who is set to begin the defence of his global crown next Thursday (October 27) at the 2016 Professional Squash Association (PSA) Men's World Championship in Cairo. 

TPoint can take squash into outdoor sport activity areas, hotels, universities, private homes, offices and residential rooftops. 

"We believe that by bringing squash from 'hidden' areas to visible outdoor places around the city, the number of participants will increase each year by exposing squash as healthy, competitive, fun and social sport activity," said Yossi Fixman, inventor of TPoint.

"Our beautifully designed electronic squash courts, with innovative technology, will create a new and exciting sport experience."

ASB chief executive Christof Babinsky added: "The beauty of TPoint is that it is the definition of form meets function.

"Building any squash centre means a significant investment.

"Normally the investment is focused on providing the building and infrastructure around the courts and a maximum of 15 per cent is actually spent on the equipment (squash courts).

"However, the squash court is what matters the most to the actual end user, the player.

"TPoint addresses this issue in a beautiful way where most resources are spent on the playing surfaces with the superb side effect of creating this impressive urban space and social hub.

"We are proud to introduce one more tool too for the redesign of this fantastic sport.

"TPoint could be a true game-changer to the game of squash."

It is hoped the initiative will significantly expand squash’s playing community around the world.

"The innovation ASB is driving with TPoint meets a need in the US which is increasing access to squash," Kevin Klipstein, President and chief executive of US Squash, said. 

"TPoint also addresses the challenge we have in raising awareness of the sport, so presenting squash in a visually appealing way, in an outdoor setting, is ideal.

"TPoint solution really could potentially dramatically accelerate our recent growth in the US, especially in the warmer parts of the country."

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