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NCAA Announces Criteria for Site Selection for Championships

Oct 16, 2017

With NCAA championships beginning in November, NCAA sports committees are reminding the membership that they will follow all guidelines and principles when selecting, seeding and bracketing men’s and women’s championships. Recognizing there are state-issued team and staff travel bans, any school impacted by travel restrictions is encouraged to seek clarification at its state or institutional level before NCAA championships begin this fall.

Criteria for site selections will not be altered and teams that have earned the right to host a championship on their campus — while also satisfying all host site requirements — will remain as hosts. For most of the championships, one or more rounds have predetermined sites, and those host sites also will be maintained.

A handful of states have issued travel bans to states that have laws viewed as discriminatory to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning audiences. Current states with travel bans include California, Connecticut, Minnesota, New York, Vermont and Washington. The NCAA continues to ban championships in states where governments display the Confederate battle flag or authorize sports wagering and at schools that use hostile and abusive Native American imagery.

“The process for selecting, seeding and bracketing teams for championships will not change for 2017-18 due to state-issued travel bans,” said Joni Comstock, NCAA senior vice president for championships. “Our sports committees are not altering their selection processes. They will follow principles used in the past; teams that have earned the right to host on their college campus, due to their team performance, will be allowed to host.”

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