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i1 Biometrics™ Acquires Shockbox™ from Impakt Protective™, Inc.

Jun 15, 2015
Smartphone-Compatible System is Latest in Concussion Management

i1 Biometrics, a leading sports wearable technology company that has developed the Vector™ MouthGuard with ESP™ Chip Technology, has acquired Shockbox from Impakt Protective, Inc. The acquisition adds to i1 Biometrics’ existing real-time head impact detection portfolio and elevates the company’s position further as a global leader in the sports wearable technology space for concussion management.

Numerous college and high school football teams are now leveraging the Vector MouthGuard to accurately and consistently collect a detailed amount of individual data about head impacts sustained during practices and games. With the Shockbox addition, i1 Biometrics now offers a leading head impact detection wearable technology product directly to consumers currently available for $179 through Amazon.com. Shockbox is an impact sensor technology device attached to a helmet that provides players, parents and team staff an immediate visual alert via Bluetooth™ transmission to your smartphone that a player has experienced an at risk hit that may result in concussion.

As a commercial product, the Vector MouthGuard is expected to continue with growing penetration across college and high school programs with a focus in sports such as football, lacrosse, and hockey. Shockbox is designed for a mainstream consumer audience, and will continue to grow in sports that utilize helmets without mouthguard use, including activities like equestrian, trail riding, skateboarding, BMX, and skiing and snowboarding.

Shockbox sends an alert to the user’s smartphone when it detects a dangerous head impact. If the user fails to respond to the alert it immediately sends notification to an emergency contact pre-determined by the user, which may include a child’s parent or guardian. This technology is beneficial for outdoor and extreme sports as it not only notifies that a large head impact has occurred, but also transmits the person’s GPS location in the event that they are incapacitated on the trail or elsewhere.

According to a 2014 study by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), extreme sports have gained in popularity in recent years. AAOS said skateboarding has surged 49% in popularity since 1999 and snowboarding 51% during that time. However, the group also said that these sports, along with skiing and motor cross, make up the largest group for head and neck injuries.

“The addition of Shockbox into the family of i1 Biometrics wearable sports technology products is a true game-changer for the entire industry,” said Jesse Harper, CEO of i1 Biometrics. “From collegiate and high school programs to youth and individual sports enthusiasts across the globe, our wearable technology improves safety and enhances performance for the athlete in all of us.”

The i1 Biometrics Impact Intelligence™ System, including the Vector MouthGuard with ESP Chip Technology and Shockbox, uses a carefully developed and tested algorithm to measure, translate and transfer data to show the magnitude, location and direction of a head impact in real time.

About i1 Biometrics: Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, i1 Biometrics is a leading information and sports technology company that has developed the world’s first mouth guard to accurately measure the linear and rotational accelerations the brain experiences from head impacts during sports and training activities. i1 Biometrics’ Vector MouthGuard and Shockbox concussion management products utilize ESP Chip Technology to provide highly accurate and reliable, real-time data about not only the number of hits but also the exact magnitude, direction, location and time of such impacts. Leveraging three years of R&D and scientific validation, the Vector and the complete Impact Intelligence System helps athletic trainers and sports concussion specialists realize measurable results from objective performance analytics to better provide individualized athlete care. For more information visit www.i1biometrics.com.

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