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Following Lawsuit, CrossFit Lifts Rule Mandating Reebok Footwear

28 May, 2019

CrossFit has lifted a rule barring athletes from wearing footwear other than Reebok when competing in the CrossFit Games.

Since 2014, athletes were required to wear Reebok-branded shoes such as the Nanos and Lifters. The rule came as Reebok, the title sponsor, began providing Games athletes with shoes to wear during the competition.

The change will allow athletes to wear shoes from their sponsors, according to reports. Nike has the most sponsored athletes. Nobull, Under Armour, Inov8 and Adidas also make CrossFit shoes. Athletes will still be wearing Reebok supplied apparel.

Crossfit last June sued Reebok, claiming it was owed “at least $4.8 billion,” plus potentially more for underpaying marketing obligations and diverting sales to to reduce royalty payouts. The suit was settled in August although terms weren’t revealed.


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