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European Union of Gymnastics Signs Agreement with SmartScoring

Nov 28, 2016

Azerbaijani company SmartScoring will be tasked with providing the development and production of the electronic scoring and judging system at European Union of Gymnastics (UEG) events after the two parties signed a partnership deal in Baku.

The partnership between SmartScoring and the UEG was officially agreed in the capital of Azerbaijan, which hosted the inaugural European Games in June last year.

UEG President Georges Guelzec, who failed with his bid for the Presidency of the International Gymnastics Federation last month (FIG) after suffering a comprehensive defeat to Japan’s Morinari Watanabe, and SmartScoring chief executive Emin Mukhtarov were in attendance at the signing ceremony.

UEG general director Kirsi Erofejeff-Engman was also present, with the deal due to officially begin on January 1.

The company, responsible for the scoring and time management at the FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup final in Baku earlier this year, will oversee the timing system for upcoming European Championships.

"SmartScoring already has a positive experience in rendering services at sports events," Guelzec said.

"The team has successfully provided the scoring system and video control of the World Cup series in artistic and trampoline gymnastics, as well as the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup final.

"Moreover, Azerbaijani gymnast Ayshan Bayramova is the official ambassador of SmartScoring, which attaches gracefulness and elegance to our co-operation.

"And I am confident that this contract will lead us to a new level and open further opportunities for the development of the brand and the sport across the continent."

SmartScoring signing on as a partner of the UEG came after "fruitful" discussions between the two organisations were held in Baku, the scene of the historic gymnastics events at the European Games, where all five disciplines – artistic, rhythmic, acrobatic, aerobic, and trampoline – were showcased simultaneously for the first time.

"Every athlete wishes to raise the flag of their country at the most prestigious international championships," said Mukhtarov.

"At the same time, our team always tends to be on top - and here we have the accuracy of numbers, excellent reliability of calculation system and indisputability of the results."

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