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Arrows Fly in Mexico City, but with an Earthquake Relief Focus; Other Sports Have Followed

Nov 01, 2017 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

When a devastating earthquake struck Mexico City in late September, it resulted in devastating loss of life and property – and the cancellation of two Paralympic Championships.

But World Archery, whose World Championships were scheduled for the area, not only went on as planned but worked out a scheme to help give back to the area.

According to an article in Inside The Games, a pay-per-spectator plan created initial income of $50,000, and that figure was expected to rise.

“We'd like this event to leave behind something positive long after the last arrows have been shot,” said World Archery President U?ur Erdener. “We hope this small contribution will help rebuild some parts of the city afflicted by the recent terrible natural disasters. The finals of the Championships, like the World Cup Final was in 2015, will be free to watch in the Zocalo, in the middle of Mexico City. Our last event there drew over 20,000 spectators and the atmosphere and excitement around the sport was incredible.”

Officials hope the influx of positive energy will provide hope to the city.

World Archery’s gesture is part of a trend in which athletes, teams and events have reached out to help others in areas stricken by natural disaster. When Hurricane Harvey stormed through Texas, a plethora of high-profile sports figures and teams rose to the occasion, collecting money, supplies and more.

Even athletes at a lower level were involved. The Junior Volleyball Association held a fundraiser for the nearly 150 volleyball clubs affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. John Carroll University’s athletics program also set up a supply drive. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) also started its own hurricane relief fund through GoFundMe and at press time, had raised over $2,000.

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